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Sweater Weather

Tis the season for sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. Solid neutral sweaters are obvious essentials but it's always important to bring in some color and pattern into your wardrobe. Thankfully, vintage sweaters are the perfect pieces to do just that and we have plenty of them! Check out some of our favorites below, available on Etsy and Depop now!


Funky Stripes

This 80's sweater is perfect because what doesn't go with black and white? Answer, nothing. Suggested outfit: Worn over a maxi dress with black boots. // Vintage 1980s Black and White Wavy Striped Batwing Oversized Cozy Pullover Sweater - $35

Bold Tribal Print

This sweater has true character and is sure to elevate your look. Suggested outfit: Worn with Black high-waisted jeans and red shoes.// 1980s Red and Black Geometric Button Collar Sweater - $33


Physchadellic Purple Sweater

Fun vintage sweaters are for guys too! Get your hands on this purple sweater for yourself or for the super cool guy in your life. Suggested outfit: Worn with overalls and sneakers. Vintage 1990's Purple London Fog Pullover Sweater - $35

Sheep Sweater

Cute Sheep? Little pink Hearts? On a cozy vintage Sweater? I hope you're sold because I totally am. Suggested Outfit: Worn with blue jeans, a warm fluffy coat, and boots. //Vintage 1990's Striped Lamb Pullover Sweater - $35


Graphic Yellow Stripe Sweater

This is my personal favorite, how cool right? Definite Charlie Brown vibes with this 90's gem. Suggested Outfit: Worn with a black leather skirt, sheer black tights, and statement boots.// Vintage 1980s Abstract Yellow White and Black Sweater - $34

Browse the rest of our vintage sweaters on Etsy and stock up on them for yourself and as gifts for all your friends! Also our sweaters are $25 each at our pop-ups this season, so do yourself a favor and come see us! (Pop-ups announced on our Instagram and in our Weekly Newsletter.)

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