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Unisex Vintage

Vintage clothing comes in many different shapes, cuts, styles, and decades. What some people may not know, is that vintage clothes are very versatile and have many options that are conveniently unisex. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top unisex items available on our Etsy and Depop sites now!


A loose fitting cardigan can be thrown over any tshirt or button up to block out the chill and keep you looking your best. Keep it buttoned, wear it open, or even try off the shoulder or around the waist for something different. /Vintage 1960's Brown/Beige Button Up Cardigan -$30

Button Ups

Button up shirts can be dressed up and down very easily which makes them an essential for every wardrobe. they came in all different cuts, shapes, and patterns which makes it easy to find the perfect one to fit your style and personality. /Vintage 1990's Red Broadcloth Short Sleeve Button Up -$22

Graphic Vintage Tee

Whether you want to sport a tee with a pyschadellic band from the 70’s or a tee from a 90s tv show, this staple is perfect for you. Graphic tees are expressive and show personal interest and finding them vintage and perfectly unique makes them even more fun. /Vintage Men's Florida "Sun & Fun" T-Shirt -$24

 Pullover Sweaters

Sweaters are easily unisex due to their loose and comfortable shape. Finding the coziest and most warn in sweater is always ideal, bonus if you find one with shoulder pads or funky emroidery!  /Vintage 1990's Oversized Unisex Sweater With Aztec Pattern -$35


Vests are definitely a cerified vintage item that deserve more attention. Typically thought of as a menswear item, no more! Ladies throw on a vest over a blouse and pain with a skirt for a unique formal look. Fellas feel free to break the mold and try different patterns and fabrics, dressing down the vest for an every day look. /Vintage 1970's Suede Fringed Vest -$38

Vintage Jackets

Some jackets are specific for men and women sizing but the great thing about vintage jackets, is that most of them can go either way. Especially ones like this gem! Utility jackets and aviator jackets have great character and age to them that makes them an instant statement piece in your wardrobe. /Vintage 1960's Black Nylon Flight Jacket -$35

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