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Three Ways To Wear - Vintage Leather Jacket

Is your vintage leather jacket arguably to coolest purchase you’ve ever made but you don’t really know what to wear it with besides your Greaser halloween costume? Well fret no longer because we have compiled a list of perfectly acceptable and stylish ways that you can wear this timeless piece with confidence in your day to day life.


Casual/Every day

The first one is simple but definitely noteworthy. You can wear your new favorite staple item with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Go for a solid color shirt or a vintage band tee and sneakers for off-duty days. For a day at work or a lunch date, slightly formalize the look by going with black jeans, a blouse or button up, and a pair of boots. In these outfits you’ll be comfortable and casual but still feel like you have a complete look. //Vintage 1970's Two-Tone Genuine Leather Moto Jacket// $74

Vintage 1970's Burgundy Knee-Length Leather Jacket with Belt

Play with Length

Leather jackets come in many different shape, sizes, and cuts. Go for a more unexpected look that's perfect for keeping warm and stylish in colder weather by channeling your inner Penny Lane with a knee length leather jacket. Pair you jacket with flow pants and a crop top to fully embrace the 70s vibe, or go for a sweater dress and tall boots to bring the look a more modern feel. No matter the occasion or event you'll be sure to have the coolest statement piece in the room. //Vintage 1970's Burgundy Knee-Length Leather Jacket with Belt// $80


Dress it Up

It will probably come as a surprise to many, but your leather jacket isn’t limited to casual outfits. Pairing your leather jacket with a dress can give your look an interesting contrast and an edge. You can play with different textures here giving evening wear an urban twist. Drape the jacket over your shoulder for an effortlessly elegant look. Feel free to go all out with accessories to elevate your outfit even further. //Vintage 1980's Black Zip-Up Leather Jacket// $58

Throwing on your leather jacket will instantly pull together your outfit and make you feel like a total bad ass. So try these outfits or be inspired and create your own. Once you have feel free to share your killer look and tag us in your social media post @krsipyfringevintage, we’d love to see what you come up with!

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