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2019 Runway Trends

Fashion lovers can't wait for fashion week so we can see all the new trends the runway has to offer, but of course the pieces we love are usually way out of our price range. Well fear not, I've got a rundown of some 2019 runway trends and some pieces we have at Krispy Fringe Vintage that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Vintage Cheetah Print Button Up

This years runway was practically a zoo with all the animal print trends. You will definitely be seeing a lot of animal print through out the rest of the year. This trend will carry its way through summer, fall and winter. We can expect to see it on dresses, coats, pants and more. The picture on the right shows our take on the animal print trend with this cheetah print long sleeve button up. This piece gets even more interesting with cheetah faces mixed in with the cheetah print design. This is sure to be a go-to in your wardrobe all year.

Vintage Denim Jacket with Hood

Denim Jackets have been on trend every year for along time in so many different styles. This year is no exception, we are going to see a lot of oversized, worn-in denim jackets perfect for layering. Pictured on the right is our take on this trend. This denim jacket is perfect for a chilly day, you can throw it over any outfit, dressed down or up. This jacket also has a gray sweatshirt material hood and lining inside for added warmth.

Pastels are a huge trend this year. If you haven’t already, your about to see pastel colors pop up all over, especially for summer. The dress pictured on the right is our take on the pastel trend. This dress checks off all the boxes to make this the perfect summer dress. Not only is it pastel but the elegant simplicity of it is also a huge runway trend this year. Living Coral is 2019’s color of the year, this pastel version is definitely going to make a staple in your summer wardrobe.

Vintage Blue and Green Denim Patterned Jacket

2019 is all about denim from head to toe, but by far my favorite denim trend this year is colored denim. You can add a little something to your everyday denim jacket or pair of jeans with a fun pop of color or even an interesting pattern. Pictured on the right you can see our more subtle take on the colored denim trend with this blue and green pattered denim jacket. It will add a little flare to the usual casual outfit while still being wearable for everyday.

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