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It’s that time of year again, summer is coming to a close and the fall semester is starting up. That means you’re on the hunt for text books, school supplies, and of course the perfect cool and comfortable pieces to wear to class. We’ve put together a few of our favorite staple pieces to last you through out the year. Check it out below! 

Cozy sweaters are a must have, especially when the weather gets cooler. Store a cute vintage sweater in your bag that is neutral and comfy to throw over any outfit if you get too chilly.

Vintage 1980's Black and White Wavy Striped Batwing Oversized Cozy Pullover Sweater - $35

A good pattern skirt will take you far. It’s easy to pick a pattern and style that will fit your personality and mix and match it with different pieces to make it your own.

Vintage 1950's Black and White Polka Dot Knee Length Skirt - $23

There’s nothing more timeless than a good white blouse or button up. The great thing about buying vintage is the unique character and detail that comes with each one.

Vintage 1970's Cotton Bay Button Up Top With Subtle Floral Embroidery - $30

All you need is great hip hugging pair of jeans to make any outfit fabulous. Easy to dress up or down and always comfortable. 

Vintage 1990’s Crossroads Denim Jeans - $33

A little black dress is a must have for any category or occasion! It’s simple but still a fun way to be stylish and classic.

Vintage 1980's Black And Gold Wrap Pleated Spaghetti Strap Dress- $27

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