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Accessorizing with Vintage

It's always super exciting to find fun unique vintage accessories but it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to wear them with. For this post I'm focusing on earrings. Vintage earrings can be bold, wacky, glamorous, and simply fantastic. Here's how to wear them to elevate and become the statement piece of your outfit.

1960's-Inspired Colorful Cluster Earrings With Gold Clip Enclosures

The Quirky Earrings

If you have a pair of really quirky unique earrings, like two grinning brass heads, tassel like Breakfast at Tiffany danglies, or plaid plastic ribbon studs, than it might be a good idea to go with a really simple outfit. This outfit can be something like a plain solid color dress or a white tee and jeans. By wearing something simple you can allow your super cool earrings to take center stage and really steal the show. //1960's-Inspired Colorful Cluster Earrings With Gold Clip Enclosures- $9

Vintage 1940's Trickling Rhinestone Clip On Earrings

The Glam Earrings

A pair of glamorous sparkly vintage earrings deserve an outfit that is just as fabulous as they are of course. Wear your glam earrings with your fanciest most elegant outfit and you'll surely feel like Marilyn Monroe herself. Be sure to add to your getting ready time to account for prancing around in front of the mirror and singing Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend. //Vintage 1940's Trickling Rhinestone Clip On Earrings- $12

1960's Ornate Gold Lattice Clip On Earrings

The One's That Look Like Your Grandma's

You probably have come across a totally amazing pair of earrings that definitely look like they came out of your Grandmother's jewelry box and you actually totally dig it, I know I have. So if you're like me and bought those super amazing vintage Grandma earrings then here's what you should wear them with to bring out their full potential. I suggest bringing these earrings into modern times by wearing them with something trendy and fresh. For something thick and gold (like most Grandma jewelry) I would definitely try wearing them with crushed velvet, a popular trend right now that has a vintage edge. //1960's Ornate Gold Lattice Clip On Earrings- $9

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