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Best Coffee Spots - Lake View

Looking for the best coffee spots in your Chicago Neighborhood? We're trying out spots and consulting reviews to put together the top places to try. Here's a list of the top coffee spots in the Lake View area.



This urban bakery started out in Rodger's Park but now have a new location in Lake View which is very exciting. Everyone knows and loves Stan's Donuts, a clear Chicago gem, but SmackDab donuts could give Stan's a run for their money. These donuts are made fresh daily with so many options to choose from, and on top of that they are vegan, who could ask for more? They are also well known for their cheesy biscuit sandwich, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. As far as coffee goes, it is equally as satisfying as the baked goods. The Lake View location is conveniently located at the Wellington train stop for a quick grab and go easy access and is a solid must try. /Location: 945 W. Wellington Ave.Chicago, IL 60657


Loba Pastry + Coffee

Really cute cozy spot with bright light and marble accents. This place has fresh top notch pastries and equally exceptional coffee. The ham and cheese coign amann is extremely good choice on the menu, but you couldn't go wrong with whatever you end up choosing! / Location: 3422 N Lincoln AveChicago, IL 60657


Heritage Bicycles General Store

This unique coffee shop is definitely one of my favorites I've ever been to. They are the first place making bikes in Chicago since Schwinn and also make a mean cold brew. They also have also have pastries and food from Southport Grocery. The atmosphere is quaint and has a really charming feel to it. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, stop by Heritage for a cup of coffee and browse their retail space filled with super cool American made products. / Location: 2959 N Lincoln AveChicago, IL 60657


Osmium Coffee Bar

Step into this funky coffee bar for a cool atmosphere and comfortable place to sip some coffee and set up your lap top for awhile. This is one of a couple of their hip fun locations in the Chicago area. Their iced coffee is very good along with their lattes, I would recommend the Agave Latte. / Location: 1117 W Belmont AveChicago, IL 60657


The Crepe Shop

This isn't exactly a coffee shop, but crepes are a personal favorite of mine and surely many others so I had to include this gem on the list. It can be hard to find a place to get crepes because they're somewhat unique but now you've got the perfect go-to place to show off to your friends. / Location: 2928 N BroadwayChicago, IL 60657


Intelligentsia Coffee

This was their first location and is very nicely laid out with a comfortable communal atmosphere that you look for in a coffee shop. If you're a fan of beautiful and delicious lattes then this is a great place for you. I highly recommend the matcha oat latte with a side of dark chocolate, it's to die for. / Location: 3123 N. BroadwayChicago, Illinois 60657773

We hope you feel inspired to try out these excellent local coffee spots, tag us in your beautiful latte and pastry photos or comment below and let us know how you liked each place!

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