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5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall is finally upon us which means it's time for layering on the comfy sweaters and sharp jackets. It's easy to go out and purchase a bunch of miscellaneous pieces or even one expensive piece that drains your bank account, but here at Krispyfringe Vintage we're all about creating an affordable wardrobe with timeless staples that can easily fit in multiple outfits and looks. This fall, it will only take 5 simple closet essentials to get you to your dream closet. In this blog post, we are going to introduce you to pieces that you can effortlessly rock all season long.


The Blazer

If you don’t have one, you better get one now. Having a blazer in your closet is going to take you long and far. A blazer will be a must have this season to bring your work wear to the next level. Now you won’t have to completely suit up to show out. There are many different blazer styles that can celebrate your individuality. From elbow patches, shoulder pads, to prints and colors, a blazer will give a statement to any outfit. But don’t limit your blazer to the office, switch it up and take it with you out at night by belting it or channeling your inner Madonna with some metallic embellishments or crystal beads. Simply pair it over some dark trousers to work or dress it down with your favorite denim, it’s a look that can’t go wrong.//Vintage 1970's Dark Green Sport Coat- $40

The Trench

A timeless yet underestimated fall essential. Your trench can go a long way. It’s one of those pieces that add class to your cropped trousers and designer tee. Known for their oversized collars, because once you pop it up you’ve instantly become more alluring. Often made of nylon, canvas, or khaki a trench is a versatile piece that is meant to be worn on an everyday basis. Flex those double buttons or leave it open to show off your outfit. Just make sure it’s in your closet before the season ends. The trench will go with anything, throw on your favorite cord sweater in the daytime or a little black dress for a night out.

Vintage 1980's Black Leather Jacket

The Leather Jacket

Now a leather Jacket is going to turn heads when you pass by. Leather is a statement and this is a well-known fact. A great quality leather jacket is more than a staple but it is truly an investment piece. This item is worthy of the decades it does not go out of style it becomes a gem. Suede, patent or fringe just layer it over your favorite sweaters or tops for a classic look to show off to the masses.//Vintage 1980's Black Leather Jacket- $76

Vintage 1970's Pure Leather Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

Three words: Get it now! A little Black dress is going to be one of the most versatile outfits in your closet. So yes, you really do need one.This item is already an outfit because it works perfectly on it's own. The little black dress is just as much as the title explains, it will be an all-black dress that should complement your personal style. There are many variations of the LBD such as, body-con, a- line, skater styled etc. Regardless of the style you chose, it is a timeless look that you can trace back to the closet of Gabrielle Chanel herself. It has so much versatility because it can be paired with any accessory whether it be metallic or bejeweled. Wear it out in the evening with some sassy stilettos or take it on your coffee break under a denim jacket or a cardigan. //Vintage 1970's Pure Leather Little Black Dress- $55


Buckle down in denim that hugs your hips. This seasons goals is to find yourself the perfect pair of blue jeans. A good pair of jeans can really make an outfit, so be sure to look for something that is form fitting and flatters your figure. Denim has a look for every lady, you’ve got the mom jean (my personal favorite) for slimmer figured gals, the skinny jean for girls with the curves and the boyfriend jeans for those who strive to be comfy and cute. Your wardrobe will definitely form itself around a pair of jeans that you have confidence in. For the adventurous and multipurpose fanatics, try denim overalls or jumpsuits. Jackets and dresses have made their mark over the summer and should be flaunted in the fall as well!

Not Sure where to pick up your fall essentials listed above? No worries we’ve got your back!! Browse our web page for your go-to looks and check out our Esty and Depop sites. We have tons of Vintage pieces for you to choose from when it comes to getting a look that is timeless.


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