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Winter Coats and Jackets

It's getting colder with each passing day, which means bundling up is more important than ever. If you're looking for some super stylish outerwear options to add to your wardrobe Krispyfringe has got you covered! Check out some of our favorite vintage coats and jackets in the list below!

Fabulous 1960's Fur Collar Coat

This coat is the perfect statement piece to any outfit. It has a glamorous dramatic vibe while still being classy and versatile with it's timeless neutral colors. Pair this fab coat with a fancy sleek dress on a night out or throw it on to dress up a pair of trousers and a button up for a day of errands.// Vintage 1960s Detailed Black Real Fur Collar Coat 100% Wool Long Length - $130

Sporty 1970's Yellow Puffer Jacket

This Jacket will keep you warm and looking sharp. It's a bright light yellow with an orange stripe adding a cool sport jacket feel to it. It's enclosed with a double zipper on the front and has a knit collar and sleeves which provides a great barrier against the wind. Pair with jeans, a cozy sweater, and sneakers.// Vintage 1970's Yellow Puffer Jacket with Black Collar and Orange Stripe -$75

Leopard Print 1960's Coat

Who doesn't want to feel like total rock star in a leopard print coat? It's a no brainer. It's the perfect length and can add attitude to whatever you decide to wear. Suggested pairing with a chunky knit sweater and bellbottoms or a bold monochrome red combo. You're wearing a leopard print coat, get wild!// Vintage 1960's Leopard Print Coat - $98

Burgundy 1990's Leather Trench Coat

Everyone needs a leather jacket and this one is perfect because it's not like all the rest. This jacket is a rich warm color and is a bit longer to give more coverage from the cold. It comes with a matching belt to tie around the waist and add a bit of flare. Pair with a black dress and tights or black jeans and a flannel. // Vintage 1990's Burgundy Leather Trench Coat - $58

Fringe Studded 1980's Jacket

This Jacket has a bit of everything, fringe, shoulder pads, studs, yes, yes, and yes. Amazing right? You'll feel like a total stud wearing this black embellished 1980's gem. Pair this super cool jacket with a simple solid color dress or jeans and a white tee. // Vintage 1980's Fringe Studded Jacket with Shoulder Pads and Pockets - $40

We hope you're inspired to go check out these coats and jackets along with many others for this holiday season available on our Etsy and Depop sites now! Happy Holidays from Krispyfringe!


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