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Life is what you Bake it!

Life is what you bake it! Bake Chicago is a gorgeous little bakery in Wicker Park, this spot is an explosion of color with cute little whimsical touches. Trust me when I say you will feel instantly happy the minute you set foot in this bakery. The staff is so lovely, and the treats are just as delightful. We held a pop-up event from 11am-3pm on Saturday January 20th at Bake. We displayed racks on racks of colorful vintage pieces to match the gorgeous vibrant aesthetic of Bake. Customers shopped our sweet kicks and dazzling jewels as they enjoyed their daily fill of sweet treats.

Bake has a huge selection of baked goods, ranging from coconut macaroons, to delicious candy sprinkled cupcakes. This bakery is full of classic American goodies that are truly baked to perfection. We enjoyed a cup of lavender flavored hot tea, a chai tea latte and some baked goods of course! Our favorite treats on display were the colorfully curated sugar cookies. We also snagged a cupcake or two from the cupcake bar. One of our biggest highlights was the coconut macroon, each bite tasted like textured and buttery perfection. The shell of the macaroon was hard and crunchy, but the inside was soft and sweet. We highly recommend taking a trip to Wicker Park to enjoy some treats that will surely please your sweet tooth cravings.

Please check out our latest vintage selections on our Etsy page!

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