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Vintage Jumpsuit Lust

Jumpsuits are a personal favorite of mine for several reasons, the first one being that they are a complete outfit all in one! How convenient is that? For someone that searches for ease and comfort in all things, this has become a major staple item for me and it can be for you as well! Jumpsuits come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and cuts which makes them versatile and easy to fit into each individual's style.

Jumpsuits have been around for decades starting out as a must have for certain labor workers and uniforms, eventually trickling into mainstream fashion around the 60's. This is great news for vintage lovers! You can find all sorts of unique and fabulous vintage jumpsuits, from super cool aviator style utility jumpsuits to glamorous sparkly scoop neck jumpsuits straight out of a 70's disco party. Let's take a look at a few of the different style jumpsuits that we carry on our Etsy and Depop sites now!


1980's Red Hot Jumpsuit

This red hot jumpsuit gives me major cool race car driver babe vibes and I'm obsessed. Hop into this jumpsuit and throw on with sneakers for a casual look or pair with a leather jacket and heels for an edgy look on a night out. // $42


1970's Sleek Camel Jumpsuit

If high necks and neutrals are your thing then this jumpsuit is for you. This is a great cut for all you tall girls out there, the shape will compliment your figure and really emphasize your legs for days. Pair with the gold chain belt for a formal look or take it off and wear nude or hunter green booties to look straight off the Yeezy Season runway. //$42


1970's Baby Blue Romper

A romper is the shorts category of a jumpsuit and is equally as comfortable, convenient, and stylish. This adorable romper has shorts with a fabric overlay to almost make it appear to be a pleated dress. Any time a dress has a built in short situation it's an automatic win for everyone involved. Pair this with brown suede booties or sandals for a more casual look. //$32


1980's Black Jumpsuit with Sequins

No jumpsuit list would be complete with out sequins! This killer black jumpsuit from the 80's is simple but includes great details with the draping and sequined accents. A plus for this one is it's long sleeves for some extra warmth and coverage. Pair with sneakers for a casual every day look or wear with a statement jacket and heels for a formal look. //$80

1980's Cheetah Print Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and animal print are a great match and this jumpsuit is the perfect example. This fabulous jumpsuit has a velour cheetah print on top and a light flowy chiffon material as the pants that will make you want to dance around all day long. Pair with black booties and a leather jacket for a night out or sneakers for a casual look. // $48

1980's Blur Button-Up Romper

For those of us braving the cold in Chicago, romper and shorts weather seems so far from reach, but hang in there! The warmer months of spring and summer are on their way. That's when you'll pull this beauty out! It's bright blue pattern and V neck, flared shorts combo are a definite attention grabber. It's bright, vibrant, and tons of fun to wear! Throw this on with a sweater and sneakers or dress it up with pearls and block heels. //$25

I hope this list inspired you to try out the jumpsuit life but fair warning, once you try it you might not be able to go back. Their comfort is addictive and the varieties are endless! For the edgy chic to the casual cool girls, there's a jumpsuit or romper for everyone. Check out all these styles and more at our Etsy and Depop sites now!

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