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Spring Favorites

Spring is here and so are amazing deals on our select favorite vintage pieces for the season. Check them out below!

Striped Dress

This dress has a sweet classic look that’s just darling. Its soft yellow, pink, and blue pastel stripes give it a soft modern look and it’s shape and style makes it easily formal or casual.

Floral Button Up

Florals for spring? Ground breaking. This floral button up is simple in soft neutral colors making it easy to go with any outfit. Rock this button up for some feminine cowgirl vibes!

Mod Floral Long Sleeve Dress

This dress takes goovy MOD to the next level! Its yellow graphic floral pattern is bold and perfect for spring. It’s silhouette is fun and flattering making it a must have!

Yellow Button Up

More yellow to drag us out of the dull dim colors of winter! This shortsleeve button up is vintage Givenchy which adds to it’s coolness by 100%.

Polka Dot Shoulder Pad Blouse

This top Straight from the 80's in the best possible way with it’s bright color and unique cut. And don’t worry, the shoulder pads are included!

Red Button Up Cardigan

This ain't your Grandfather's cardigan! Well it might be it’s okay but we won’t tell anyone. Stay fashionable and cozy this spring with this vintage 1960's red heathered button up sweater.

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