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Looking for quirky vintage housewares to spice up your home? Krispyfringe has got you covered! We've just added some fun and unique housewares to our Etsy site that you need to check out ASAP! Take a look at a few of our featured items below.

Vintage 1960's Letters In The Round Stationery

If you're obsessed with stationary like we are then this groovy 60's stationary set is made just for you! The set comes with 18 sheets and 8 orange envelopes and is perfect for writing thank you notes or even just a nice letter of appreciation to someone you love. ($12)

Vintage 1940's Japanese Embossed Mugs

It is a known fact that you can never have enough mugs. Check out these beautifully detailed Japanese style mugs that will make you smile every time you take a sip. Ideal for a morning cup of coffee (or three) and a relaxing cup of tea to be enjoyed with a good book or bubble bath. ($18)

Vintage 1970s Aladdin Pump-A-Drink Beige Brown and Orange Wheat Fields Thermos Carafe

This carafe is straight out of the 70's and appropriately reminds me of something one of the 8 children would carry from the Brady Bunch. The unique feature of this carafe is that you can fill up your cup without ever opening the thermos, how cool is that! All you need to do is push the top in like a button to dispense the liquid from the side spout. Ideal for camping, tailgating, and exploring. ($21)

Vintage 1970s Autumn Tree Latch Hook Yarn Pillow Cover with Pillow 

Decorative Pillows are the perfect accent to any sofa, chair, or bed and display one's interest and personal style in a fun way. This decorative pillow is over the top in the best way. Talk about fringe! It also features a lovely design of a tree. Get your hands on this pillow if you love fringe, nature, cozy pillows, and vintage charm! ($28)

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