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Road Trip to Breese, IL

Road Trips are always tons of fun, especially when you make stops along the way to take photos in fun, stylish vintage! Check out these images taken in collaboration with Amanda Astroth and Mike Spizziri on their Road Trip to Breese, Illinois. These images of motels, neon signs, and soda pop paired with KFV's vintage pieces will take you back in time to an all American, groovy 70s Road Trip!


Knotty Pine Inn and Motel was established in the 1930's and this perfect Road Trip destination. Stop in for some tradition all-American food and then check out their quaint Motel for a bit of

rest or just some reminiscing!



Ski Soda was formulated in Wisconsin in 1956 with a bottling location pictured here in Breese, IL. This citrus soda is a Midwestern favorite which makes it perfect for enjoying on a road trip such as this.

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