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Pop of Color

Summer is nearing it's end as we head into August, which means we only have a couple months left to soak up the sun and enjoy the fun, colorful pieces that we dawn this season. But you don't have to worry about missing out, because KFV has you covered! Here are a couple of our favorite colorful summer time vintage pieces to get your hands on before summer is over, available on our Etsy site now!

Vintage 1980s Purple and Gold Tulip Printed Dress with Shoulder Pads -$29

Vintage 1980's High-Waisted Elastic Waist Shorts with Tribal Print - $14


Vintage 1990's Water Color Floral Button Up - $28

Vintage 1960's Jack Bryan Blood Orange Swing Dress with Ornate Embellishments - $125


Vintage 1970's Lemon Yellow High Waisted Elastic Shorts - $20

Vintage 1980's Myrtle Beach Graphic Tee - $18


Vintage 1970's Oversized Orange Button Up - $28

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