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Three Ways to Wear - Button Up

Button up shirts are a staple of every wardrobe but can sometimes be a challenge to style. If you're looking for ways to incorporate your favorite button downs into more of your outfits than stick around because we've compiled a perfect versatile list of three ways to wear the classic button up shirt.


Dress it Up

Button ups are typically used in work attire but that doesn't mean they have to be stiff and boring. This look could be used in the office or out to a nice lunch. It's a classic white button up and black pencil skirt but the subtle pattern on the button up and gold belt add a sense of unique style and interest. / Vintage 1990's White Satin Floral Button Down- $30


Dress it Down

This is a great every day way to style a button up shirt because it's simple but makes you feel put together and fashion forward. Pair with jeans and some nice boots and play with tucking in one side and leaving the other out for a different look. Since this is a simple look it's fun to play with a different texture or finish of button up, like this amazing velour one pictured above. Add a simple belt for extra style points. /Vintage 1990's Black Velour Shirt -$45


Have fun with It!

Button ups should no longer be seen as plain and simple, break the mold and make them your own by choosing a button up with a pop of color, a pattern, or better yet, both! This outfit is wonderfully colorful, quirky, and coordinated with a slightly western vibe. Channel this fun look or create one all your own that compliments your own style and personality, the possibilities are endless! / Vintage 1970s Green Paisley Floral Buttoned Long Sleeve Shirt Green Brim Snap Buttons - $39

All of these amazing vintage button ups are available on our Etsy and Depop shops now!

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